Living room with large windows
Living room with large windows and remote

Working with Us

Building a new home or renovating your current one? We can help you choose your window coverings! We offer personalized service and attention to all of our customers. Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or building a million dollar mansion, we offer competitive pricing with over thirty years of expertise in design and drapery. 

We offer free in-home consultations to view your window covering options. Together we will help you choose the features and colours to suit your window covering needs. We measure and quote on site or shortly thereafter.

Types of Window Coverings

Whether you’re looking for decor, shade, privacy, UV protection or all of the above, we work with top brands and suppliers to design the window covering for you. Our work includes drapery, blinds, shades, shutters and more.

Living room with large windows

Roller Blinds

The versatility of roller shades makes them a popular choice for window coverings. With a wide range of fabrics, colors, price points, and motorization. There are roller blinds for every design style and budget. These shades are known for their functionality, and their ability to provide different privacy options ranging from light filtering to complete blackout.

Living room with large windows and remote

Cellular Shades (Honeycomb)

These window coverings are designed with a unique cellular structure that helps reduce heat loss or gain, making them ideal for keeping your home comfortable all year round without wasting energy. With different options available, including cordless, motorized, single or double cells, and light filtering or blackout, you can customize the perfect cell shades to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Living room with large windows

Dual Shades

Dual Shades offer a sophisticated window treatment solution that combines the practical benefits of a horizontal blind with the timeless elegance of a fabric shade. These shades feature an innovative design that alternates opaque and sheer linear bands, allowing homeowners to easily adjust the amount of natural light that enters the room while still maintaining their privacy. These are also available motorized or with cordless lift.

Living room with large windows


These shades consist of vertical fabric louver or slats that can be adjusted to allow varying levels of light into the room. These blinds do not come motorized, but rather have a wand to open and close. Whether you want full privacy or a wide-open view, vertical shades are effective and uncomplicated to use.

Dining Area with large windows

Eclipse Shutters

Crafted for both convenience and performance, these shutters can be installed quickly and are easy to maintain, with no paint or sanding necessary. Eclipse Shutters are designed to deliver a touch of luxury to any room you choose to install them in. Eclipse shutters offer superior durability and will continue to perform at a high level for many years to come.

Living room with large windows

Wood & Faux Wood Blinds

Wood blinds offer a selection of smooth-finish paints, stains, and specialty finishes, thereby allowing you to create your desired look. Perfect for those who want to bring an elegant touch to their home while simultaneously maintaining the desired privacy and light control. Alternatively, faux wood blinds offer the same stunning appearance as real wood with the added advantage of being practical in high moisture areas. Both are also available as a cordless lift or with motorization.

Living room with large windows

Window Shadings

Why window shadings? They soften that harsh sunlight. Fabric vanes suspended between two sheer panels tilt to brighten up or dim down your room. Wonderfully wide for larger windows and doors. You can maximize your privacy. During the day, you can see out, but no one can see in. At night, close the vanes and voila… privacy assured. Also available cordless or motorized.

Custom Drapery

Let your home be a reflection of your style. We offer custom drapery services that are adaptable to any window, whether you’re expressing your love for colour or prefer a more neutral look.